Hey Grizzlies,

Thanks so much for sticking it out until now. You are probably tired of all the FB posts and everything. XD (I am too, in fact, I have a Chemistry exam coming up tomorrow! D:) 

But voting ends in just a few hours, and every vote makes a huge difference. Your vote matters. So please, if you have not yet, please take the time to exercise your right to vote at www.tallyspace.com/gvhs. 

Please help me make a positive difference at Golden Valley HS. I could not have gotten this far without your help, and now I want to do my part by doing my best to make GV a better place. 
Let's finish strong Grizzlies. And regardless of your vote, I wish you a wonderful evening. :)

Here to serve,
William Oh

Candidate for ASB President 2013-2014
Exercise your right to VOTE! Vote here at https://www.tallyspace.com/vote_login.php?school_id=156

Make a difference. Be informed. Choose your candidate. 
You can DEPEND on William. To find out more about what he will do for you, visit williamoh2013.weebly.com.
The Grizzness, Golden Valley's online school newspaper, endorses William Oh for ASB President. Read more in the link below. 


Dependability - Unity - Pride
To learn more about what William will do for you and what he stands for, visit williamoh2013.weebly.com for more information. BE INFORMED and VOTE OH. 

You can DEPEND on William. To find out more about what he stands for and what he will do for you, visit williamoh2013.weebly.com now to be informed. 
In accordance with Golden Valley ASB election campaign rules, this page will not be advertised until official campaigning begins on April 9.

    William Oh

    Just an average joe who wants to make GVHS a better place. :)


    April 2013