Hey Grizzlies,

Thanks so much for sticking it out until now. You are probably tired of all the FB posts and everything. XD (I am too, in fact, I have a Chemistry exam coming up tomorrow! D:) 

But voting ends in just a few hours, and every vote makes a huge difference. Your vote matters. So please, if you have not yet, please take the time to exercise your right to vote at www.tallyspace.com/gvhs. 

Please help me make a positive difference at Golden Valley HS. I could not have gotten this far without your help, and now I want to do my part by doing my best to make GV a better place. 
Let's finish strong Grizzlies. And regardless of your vote, I wish you a wonderful evening. :)

Here to serve,
William Oh

Candidate for ASB President 2013-2014

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    William Oh

    Just an average joe who wants to make GVHS a better place. :)


    April 2013